30th July 2005

Sold the FJR today sniff - Well, I got what I wanted for it, so that is good... Onward with the VFR!

16th July 2005

Got a new bike to replace the FJR1300 today - a Honda VFR750 - Gini has a matching one as well, but without the top box.

Richie''s VFR750


Both VFR750''s


10th July 2005

I have just finished working at Future Route, and am taking up a new position working from home. So that means I can get something a little less toury, and a little more sporty! Gini and I have decided we both like the Honda VFR750, and so have brought 2 matching bikes - pics coming soon.

21st December 2004

Well, its been a while - Gini passed her bike test on the 9th December, so we are able to go out together. I also passed my IAM test on the 12th December, so all in all, its been a good year!

The FJR is still running well, coming up to 28000 miles now, and still going h2.

3rd Feburary 2003

Long time since I updated this - FJR has just passed 16000 miles, and is in for a service

2nd October 2002

Wow! I have just passed the 10,000 mile mark on the FJR - in 5 months! eeeek!

24th August 2002

Just finished my first track day at Lyddon - woohoo - it was great! Thanks for a wonderful burfday pressy Gini :o)

I rented a bike from Ladysnoots for the occasion (wasn''t gonna risk the FJR on the track - no thank u!) and rode around a Yamaha R6 and a Kawasaki ZX6R Here are some pics of me on the track... (Black helmet, Red and Black leathers - Turquoise bike)

Lyddon Park 1 Lyddon Park 2 Lyddon Park 3

21st May 2002

Well, the time has come to retire the old CBR - and get something new, and more exciting!

A brand new Yamaha FJR1300 should do the trick - hehehe


3rd May 2001

I don''t believe this!!! The kawaker is sick.... So, of course, I had to upgrade wink

A Nice R reg CBR600FV should do the trick...

Last time I buy anything but a Honda


23rd February 2001

Time for another change! So I brought this lovely Kawasaki GPX-750R - just a smidgen quicker :)


9th August 2000

I finally decided to change bikes for something with a little more umpf, so I sold the CX to my Brother in law, and have brought a Honda Revere NTV600 - here it is!


12th December 1999

Sadly, on 6th December 1999 I had an accident with a Black Mercedes, and came off the bike. Luckily, I was ok, apart from some bruising, but the bike came of worse, and was written off.

A friend of mine had an old CX500A sitting on a drive, and gave me the bike, which Normandy Motorcycles then used to repair the damage.

Today I got the bike back, and jumped on for the first time - It was very nerve racking!  Still, by the end of the journey I was chomping at the bit for more! I will scan in the accident damage pictures at some point, and show you all.

6th November 1999

I have just passed my Motorcycle bike test (Direct Access) with Autopass, I have brought a 1980 CX500A, and I thought I would share some pictures with you all.

The CX500 is also known as the Plastic Maggot here in the UK, and by all accounts, you either love em, or hate em! I happen to Love em.

Right, I now have some photos of the bike...

CX500 Richie & CX500