Older Pics

Today, Honey sadly passed away from Liver Cancer. The good news is that she was active to the very end. It was very quick, and our vet advised us not to wake her after the scans confirming the diagnosis were done. RIP Little Honey Girl - You were the sweetest dog we have ever known

Racing around on the field whilst we were kiting

Adrian takes Jed and Honey for an unexpected run

Tearing up this field!

Honey, Millie and Jed with Adrian on the bench. Have you ever tried to get 3 dogs to sit together on a bench - its HARD!

Gini, Richie, Jed and Honey in the woods

Honey and Jed having a cuddle on the soda

I wonder if they had had an argument and weren't talking to each other!


Yes Mum! We will sit immediately for a treat!

Honey hoping for more treats. oh, and I think her head was heavy

Having a trot....

More trotting on the beach - these stones are uncomfortable!

Easier on the path

Not talking to each other again...

This was Honey's favourite chair! She used to get into the weirdest positions!

Is it walkies time yet?

Honey never really got the idea of toys. We brought this for her, but she ignored it.

Honey is much more obedient and Jed... Might have something to do with the treat pocket though

Shakey Shakey!

Wet Dog!

Wet Dog!

Wet Dog!

Hmmm - wonder if they will let me in the sea?

Honey licks her nose.... Wish I could do that sometimes!

Walkies on the beach

Jed looking handsome :)

Another handsome shot

Waiting for treats again!


Waggy Tail