Meet Dexter - Jed's New Friend

2014-09-28 - Today we had our new dog over to stay for the day from Dogs Trust Shoreham. Currently called Hamish (but not for long!), he passed his cat test with flying colours, as he did not chase Squeak.
We also took him to the Horns Lodge on his try-out day.
Hamish was born on the 5th November 2013, so is a true bonfire dog. Hamish is currently 10 months old, having been picked up in Wales (we don't know the circumstances though) by Dogs Trust, before being rehomed from Shoreham Dogs Trust as a 6 month old puppy. Unfortunately, that did not go well, and he was returned after 6 weeks (poor Hamish!). We fell in love with him from day 1, when we visited him in the shelter at Shoreham. But we didn't like the name 'Hamish'....

We think Hamish is a Whippet/Greyhound cross - he is not quite small enough to be a true whippet, but also not quite big enough to be a greyhound cross either. He certainly embodies the Lurcher shape though - a long and sleek SightHound.

2014-10-07 - Dogs Trust have let us bring Hamish home! Yay! We picked him up, and have decided to change his name to 'Dexter', after the TV series, so he will need to get used to that, as well as living with a real live cat and our old man (Jed).
Our friends dog, Harvey, also came over to say hello to Dexter. They had a marvellous time frolicking in the back garden, so hope they become firm friends.

2015-02-08 - Dexter sleep barking :)

2015-04-04 - Jed and Dexter on their walkies

2015-04-09 - Sun!

2015-04-10 - Dexter stretched out on the Sofa.... Guess he is settled!

2015-04-22 - Dexter and Gini all wrapped up waiting to see some meteors (it was cloudy)

2015-05-14 - Dexter Does Zoomies! We have discovered Dexter likes to let off steam on a walk by running in large circles, or even just up and down the track! Here he is demonstrating this lovely nutty behaviour known as 'Zoomies' in the world of the Lurcher