Hi from Jed and Honey

29th December 2010

Honey's become a real sofa hog....

24th October 2010

Here are a few shots when Gini and I took the doggies out the back for a run.  As you can see, they love running after the ball!

10th October 2010

Honey has a very strange habit.  She picks up conkers and carries them home, nursing them like a baby.  If we don't take them off her when we get home, she chews them up - no eating though - she just leaves bits everywhere!!

8th January 2010

Took the dogs for a walk in the snow today. Honey likes jumping for snowballs, so snapped off a few...

4th November 2009

Been a while - we have been taking pics of Jed, but haven't put any online! Still, time to make up for it now.

We decided that Jed needed a friend - specifically a Girl friend, so we visited Dogs Trust in Shoreham to see if we could find a suitable Honey for him. We met Honey, and fell in love - and so did Jed!

Here they are having a play in the garden. Honey is a very bouncy girl, but Jed doesn't seem to mind!

Mid Bounce!

Here is Jed being handsome

And Honey being a bit of a tart!

1st November 2007

VICTORY!!!  3 animals on the same sofa!

27th September 2007

Jed and Tango have finally made friends!!  Here they are on the SAME SOFA!

8th June 2007

Jed loves his ball.  We got through several footballs until we discovered this industructible ball - its solid plastic, and try as he might, his mouth isn't big enough to chew it.  The dopey mutt doesn't stop trying though!!

24th May 2007

Jed's got his cast off now - his paw is healing well - here he is trotting through the woods.

13th April 2007

Jed seems to be coping well with his plaster - he makes a good tripod!  It doesn't stop him from sleeping in funny poses either!

3rd April 2007

Jed met my Brothers dog, Lucy, today.  After some initial growling, they seem to be getting on very well.  Here they are playing ball.

Unfortunately, when Jed jumped over the wire fence (4ft high!) at the end of the day, he got his paw caught in the wire, and has ripped 2 of his claws.  We took him to the vet, and they have bandaged it all up.  He was amazingly good in the vets.  Here he is feeling rather sorry for himself.

29th March 2007

Jed has settled in very well.  He is a bit of a Houdini though, having been found once sitting on the front lawn when we came home, and being able to jump the back fence.

9th March 2007

Humpf!  Jed has nicked my seat!

6th March 2007

It took a bit of bribery and corruption, but we managed to get Tango and Jed within sniffing distance today!  We've also discovered that Tango likes dog biscuits, and Jed likes cat biscuits.  Here they are accepting treats from Sam.  We also gave Jed a bath last night.  He wasn't too impressed, but at least he's nice and clean now!

4th March 2007

Welcome Home Jed! We decided that the time is right to get a dog.  We've been thinking about it for a long while (and Sam has wanted a dog for ages), and decided to get a rescue dog.  We settled on Jed from the RSPCA rehoming centre in Brighton, and he came home today.  The cats are not exactly happy at the moment, but they'll get used it him.

Here is Jed playing with one of the cats balls in front of the fire.