Hi from Piglet, Squeak and Tango


28th November 2008

I was trying to get Jed, Tango, Piglet and Squeak lined up together.  Unfortunately, Piglet and Squeak smelt a dog, and refused to play until I moved their bowls back...

11th November 2008

Jed and Tango curl up together quite often.  Not quite sure why Jed has a guilty look on his face!

9th November 2008

Its been a very long while since I did any updates to this!  Here is Tango, fully grown now, and the best mouser in Chailey.  He's also taken to watching TV

15th December 2006

Tango's discovered a new game - its called lets hide in the Christmas Tree.  Piglet and Squeak are too heavy to play that game, so they just knock the baubles down!

5th December 2006

I think Squeak, Tango and Piglet must be hungry!

3rd December 2006

Here they are eating dinner....

2nd November 2006

Tango likes to hang his paws over things - here he is on the bannister

24th September 2006

Tango and Squeak don't always fight...  Sometimes, Squeak makes a nice bed.

13th September 2006

Tango loves to attack Squeak, and seems to be terrorising him.  Here they are beating each other up (again!)

11th September 2006

Tango has made friends with Piglet (at last), and can often be found curled up next to his step-brother

30th August 2006

Piglet and Tango fell asleep mid scrap by the looks of it.  Piglet is yawning, not about to take a chunk out of Tango...

27th August 2006

Tango is now allowed out, after having his injections.  He's very very good at climbing, but is not so good at getting down.  His current philosophy seems to be to just fall.

23rd August 2006

Piglet and Squeak have finally accepted Tango, and are regularly pounced upon by the ginger terror - here is Tango getting ready to pounce.

Tango enjoys playing in the bucket - here is him doing a Meerkat impression.

24th July 2006

Tango ripped the fluffy tail off the mouse, makes a nice beard though!

16th July 2006 - A New Arrival!

We decided to get Sam his own cat, and so Tango came home to stay!  He has already made himself at home, and has managed to scare Piglet and Squeak....  He also has proved himself to be a remarkably good climber.

Dirty old man!

He needed a bath though, as he smelt very strongly of 'cat' - and we hoped that Piglet and Squeak would accept him quicker as well...  Fat Chance!!

17th June 2006

Here is Squeak and his new eye up-close and personal.  It will never look like a normal cat's eye again, but at least he doesn't seem to be too worried about it.  He can even catch his toys as well as Piglet can.

20th May 2006

We've got back Squeaky - he seems ok in himself, and we have to give him pain-killers and eye-drops for a while.  His eye is very cloudy at the moment, but the Opthalmologist assures us it will clear.

19th May 2006

The Opthalmologist says it is the worst damage to an eye he has ever seen! :(   Poor Squeaky.  The good news is that he won't lose the eye.  They have operated on him, and removed the lens.  His eye was punched right through, probably from a thorn.  They have managed to repair it, but it will never look the same again, and he will be a bit long-sighted, but will be ok.

18th May 2006

Squeaky had an accident today.  The poor thing has pierced his right eyeball :(   We had to take him to the emergency vet, and they have given him plenty of pain-killers to get through the night.  The vets have booked him in to see an Opthalmologist tomorrow.

7th April 2006

Squeak and Piglet continue to grow. Both are now climbing the tree in the garden - they seem to dare each other to go higher and higher. Squeak is definately not quite as agile as Piglet (probably due to his size compared to Piglet!), but manages pretty well.

Whats going on?


How do I get down?


30th March 2006

Piglet and Squeak are both growing well... Piglet is now up to 2.3KG, and Squeak is really putting on the weight, he is now 3KG!! Looking at the size of Squeak's feet, he's gonna be a big-un.

Piglet decided to go and climb our tree today - brave cat really - it was windy, and he almost got blown down 2 or 3 times. He made it back to terra-firma though.



Piglet and Squeak spend alot of their time pouncing on each others tails - here is Squeak in action on Piglet's tail.


Sometimes they want nothing to do with each other!



Sam put Piglet into Gini's hood, and he stayed there...


10th March 2006

Still growing! Piglet is still lagging behind Squeak, but they are both doing well. They have also now learnt how to use the catflap, and enjoy wandering around the garden. Thankfully, they don't seem to be interested in going too far yet!

Here are Piglet and Squeak having a cuddle - I think they both fell asleep mid-fight 


Squeak likes to come and keep me company on my desk during the day...


8th Feburary 2006

The little tikes are still growing well - Squeak is now up to 1.5kg, and Piglet is lagging behind still at 1.3kg. Sam brought them a couple of little mice yesterday, and Squeak has been playing with them ever-since - He keeps growling all the time whilst doing it though!




27th January 2006

Piglet now weighs in at 1.15kg, and Squeak is up to 1.35kg - they are both just over 10 weeks old. Its been a while since the update, but we have been snapping away. Here are a few.

Here are another 2 entrants for Stuff on my Cat



Gini went mad whilst Richie was overseas, and brought a Cat activity centre, which now takes up most of the living room! These cats are spoilt!


Squeak and Piglet have a thing about Richie's bin - here is Squeak hiding


Squeak got grabbed by Sam, but he decided to escape!


Piglet wasn't quick enough!


18th January 2006

Piglet and Squeak have been to the Vet for the first time. They are both healthy, and both confirmed as boys (we weren't 100% sure!) Neither of them were particularly impressed with having a thermometer shoved up their bums though! Squeak managed to bite the nurse who was giving him his worming tablet, and draw blood. Here they are waiting in the cat basket before their big adventure.


9th January 2006

Meet Evil Piglet!


Well - it had to happen - I had to submit a pic to http://www.stuffonmycat.com 


8th January 2006

Gini took a picture of the brothers having a nice cuddle - awww...


5th January 2006



4th January 2006

Here is us having a nice fight - we do this alot when we are awake - it passes the time....


Ahhhh - a new bed...


But it needs something extra - like a pillow....


3rd January 2006

2 new arrivals today. We picked up Piglet and Squeak from a very nice family in Coulsdon. They are 2 brothers (we hope!), and were born on 16th November 2005, so are just about 7 weeks old.

We originally met them last Thursday, when we thought they were both girls. Originally, Piglet was known in the family as Tash, due to his white moustache, and Squeak had no name at all (so his working name was Blob.)

Squeak gained his name by being the noisiest kitten on the drive home (Piglet slept), whereas Piglet earned his by being greedy when we got home!


Piglet surprised us, by being the most timid and sleepy before we picked him up - then, as soon as we got him home, he was first out of the cat basket, and first to the food.



Squeak was the most boisterous of the litter of 5 when we first met him. He was also the loudest of the 2 in the car, and now seems to be playing underdog to Piglet - whether this will continue is anyones guess!