Many many moons ago, whilst at a Civil War reenactment, someone was going round collecting everyones baked-bean tins from dinner. Intrigued, we went to see what they wanted with them, and so he showed us....


You make this device from your own free will - don't blame me if you come to any harm, or you get arrested for building this!


Here is a short video showing a launch...


You will need:


  1. Eat the beans

  2. Half-cut 3 of the tins bottoms to make the baffles

  3. Fully remove the bottoms from 3 of the tins - these are the launch tube

  4. Make a small hole (about 2-3mm across) mid-way up the side of the last tin - this is the combustion chamber, and touch-hole

  5. Join all the tins together using the tape - make sure they are tightly joined

    1. The combustion chamber goes at the bottom

    2. The baffles should be offset from one another

    3. The launch tube tins are attached to the top of the baffles


  1. Get a beer can, or coke can

  2. Put a small squirt of petrol (and I mean small - otherwise the mixture is too rich, and it doesn't work) into the touch-hole

  3. Swing the tubes at arms length upside down to get the fuel to vaporise

  4. Place a can in the end of the tube until it falls down the baffles

  5. Light the touch-hole with a lighter - it may take a while, but when it goes.....


Here are some pictures of the launcher in action - I still hope (one day!) to get it launching - but alas, as yet....